Key Information

Key Innovative Solutions was founded with the mission to equip today's students successful for high-demand, high wage career fields.   Immediately. 

Karin Hoffman

Founder and CEO

Karin has been involved in education for over 20 years, working directly with educators and their students.

During the past several years, she, also, has hosted several education task forces through Florida Students First Coalition, a coalition she founded together with Florida State Senator Rene Garcia and School Board Member Chuck Shaw, Palm Beach County.  This coalition consisted of educators, school board members, superintendents, administrators, leaders of industry and legislators.  The effort continues to be focused on enhancing the work of Career Technical Education throughout the education continuum.

She is a gubernatorial appointee as Board Member to the Southern Region Education Board, a Federal compact of the southern 16 states.

She, also, is Commissioner to the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.   She was appointed to the Commission by Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi.   She, currently, holds the office of Vice Chairman of the Commission.

Karin has been appointed as Board Member and currently serves as Secretary to the Florida Virtual School Foundation Board.

As President of the Florida Association of Student Educational Tours, she works closely with the tourism industry in Florida.


Our work in Florida

Assistant Secretary Frank Brogan
Office of Primary and Secondary Education, Federal Depart. of Ed.

Commissioner Richard Corcoran
Florida Department of Education

Florida School Board Association and Florida Association of District School Superintendents

Task Force at Keiser University, Fort Lauderdale

Panelists Superintendent Dr. Avossa and St. Senator Rene Garcia

Florida Students First Coalition Task Force at South Tech Academy, Boynton Beach

Florida Students First Coalition Task Force, Orlando  Florida 

Coalition members with St. Senator Rene Garcia at Florida's Capitol, Tallahassee

Florida Students First Coalition, University Center Club, Tallahassee